Welcome to Your Second Home!

Around the country today most people are hunkering down for winter.  In Phoenix, Arizona we are enjoying a fantastic autumn.  It was 70 degrees today at my house in Anthem, AZ and we were in jeans and long sleeves.  We tend to get chilly when it drops below 80.  There is truly no better place to purchase a vacation home if you are from the cold weather climates.  But how do you do it?  How do you go about buying a second home?  Do you have to pay cash?  Is there financing for a second home?  Is there someone who can help me buy a second home long distance? Let me answer those questions…  No, Yes and Yes.

When you are looking for that perfect vacation home, you need to find a person and a company you can trust.  The key though, is the person.  The company is important, don’t get me wrong, but the person has to be the right fit.  You need someone who can not only listen to your needs, but learn from them and anticipate what you need next.  Look for someone who not only knows the market , but knows the area.  You may think they are the same thing, but they are not.  Any real estate agent out there can read market reports and give you their opinion on the market, but someone who knows the area you are looking in can tell you the best place to buy local produce, get a latte, get your oil changed, hire a landscaper, get great food, or go bowling.  What I’m saying is find a professional!  Get someone who, if they didn’t grow up in the area you are looking in, at least did the research to know these things!

You are looking for a second home.  You’re not just looking for a house.  You want a home away from home.  Find the right person to help you get it!  Take your time.  Interview agents.  They are looking for a job.  If they are too good to sit through a phone, or face to face interview, are they worth your time?  Make sure you have the right person to handle your second home purchase and you will not go wrong.  A good agent will stick with you through thick and thin through the rest of your life.  Make sure the person you select is the one for you.  Good luck, welcome to the valley, and god bless.  My resume is below:)

Grew up in Scottsdale, graduated from Saguaro high school.  Well… for the rest, references are available on request.

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  • Sandra Romero says:

    Hi there,

    I need direction in buying a 2nd home. I currently am a homeowner in Laveen, AZ. I would like to purchase another home in Laveen, AZ and rent it out long-term to my parents. Is that possible?

    • Patrick Jorgensen says:

      I am happy to help. Please feel free to call me with your questions at 602-463-0642.

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