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Is This the Best Time of Year for Real Estate in Phoenix?

Yes, end of article…  Okay, I’ll go further.  Today is February 1st, 2012 (2/1/12 for those fans of a certain Canadian trio), and it will be 75 degrees and sunny today.  And, contrary to popular belief, the Phoenix area real estate market is showing signs of a boom.  While the rest of the country is freezing we’re down here in our shorts and flip-flops buying real estate.  Now, you may be saying, “Patrick the national media says real estate is still in a slump”.  Do you really want to believe some talking head in a TV studio?  Or, do you want to listen to someone who has been practicing real estate in the Phoenix market for the last 14 years?  I will tell you this, if you’re not buying in the Phoenix real estate market RIGHT NOW, you may arrive at the party too late.

Let’s take a section of the market that’s popular with second home buyers and investors. Continue reading

Phoenix Real Estate Market Report July 2011

I know, I know, It’s late August and I haven’t posted the numbers from July yet.  What can I say?  It’s been a busy month!  I went to bed on July 31st and woke up this morning wondering where the month went.  Has that ever happened to you?  But now, the kids are back in school, summer’s coming to an end, the AC isn’t working quite as hard, the dog is passed out on the tile, and it’s time to get to business!

On the surface, the numbers from July 2011 can look a little disheartening after the record June we had.  But, when you look at the year over year numbers they perk up a bit.  Total single family home sales in July were 7,242 (June 9,547) according to the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLesS).  That’s a 24% decrease!  Scaaaarrryyyy!  Not really folks. Continue reading

Phoenix Real Estate Market on the Comeback Trail?

Everybody loves a comeback.  Bottom of the ninth, down by three runs, bases loaded with two outs…  Everyone wants to see the batter hit the grand slam.  It’s in our nature.  Anybody remember “The Drive”?  AFC Championship Game?  Broncos vs. Browns?  It gets stuck in American folklore.  Our country was founded by underdogs, and we still love them to this day.  Let’s take the real estate market as an example.  In the middle of the last decade real estate was top dog.  You could do no wrong, you bought a house and three months later it was worth double what you paid for it, especially in markets like Phoenix.  Everybody had a real estate license, and it was like having a license to print money.  Then the bottom fell out…  The money dried up, the speculators went away, and the biggest tragedy was that honest hard working people, who were just trying to get ahead (the underdogs) got quashed.

Fast forward to the present. Continue reading

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