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There are a lot of things to do in Arizona. This is where you can find some of them. Fun and informative articles about all the thing to do across the great state of Arizona.

Wine Country in Arizona? You Better Believe It!

All across the world Arizona is known for the Grand Canyon, saguaro cactus, great winter weather, retirement communities, deserts, golf, and… wine?  Yep!  Arizona produces wine!  Don’t you just love that?  Next time you leave your cold weather for the Valley of the Sun, you can tell your friends you are spending the winter in wine country.  You may be asking yourself if I have been partaking of that particular beverage.  Not until the article is over!  The powers that be (wife) would not appreciate it.  So, you have decided to buy your winter home in Arizona.  What do you do while you are here?  Let’s go on a wine tour!  First, a little history lesson…

Way back in the 1700′s (cue historical music) the Spanish missionaries were planting wine in Arizona and New Mexico.  Those friars knew how to party. Continue reading

Arizona All Star Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, the festivities are over, the crowds are gone, and the National League won home-field advantage in the Fall Classic for the second year in a row.  Now, this won’t be a very in depth or informative post but, what does that mean for the Phoenix real estate market?  Exposure!!!  What a lot of people from around the country don’t realize is that Phoenix IS populated in the summer.  Hence the sellout crowds for every event over the weekend.  So… with the valley coming off of record sales in June, and with inventory shrinking across the board, NOW is the time to be purchasing that vacation home in The Valley of the Sun!  Next time I will be in depth, informative, and get all technical with you…


Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Arizona’s Beach

It’s 117 degrees in Phoenix over the 4th of July weekend, so what do you do?  Let’s go to the beach!  No, not San Diego, too far to drive.  Let’s go to the close beach, Puerto Penasco.  Rocky Point, AZ…  Oh, sorry Senora, MX.  This quaint little fishing village has been a favorite of Arizonans for years.  Actually, if the U.S. Geological Survey guys wouldn’t have high tailed it from the Pinacates straight to Yuma, it literally would have been Arizona’s beach. It’s only 65 miles south of the Arizona border.

Puerto Penasco, Mexico has a rich and storied history that most people don’t even know about, with characters as varied as Agustin the 1st, Santa Ana, Pancho Villa, and Al Capone showing up throughout modern times.   Continue reading

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