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Arizona Is Quickly Becoming The Place To Be For Canadians!

The southwest region of the United States was hit particularly hard by the crash of the real estate market.  Arizona’s increasing foreclosure rate combined with the strong Canadian dollar is attracting Canadians to invest in Arizona properties.  Canadians are also enjoying the nicer winter weather here, dressing in shorts and flip-flops while watching the Arizona natives in their boots, coats and sweaters.

With the difference in our dollar, Canadians are finding that they can get much more home for their money than in pervious years!  Most homes are purchased with cash.  Most people are viewing this trend as a win-win for the Arizona economy.  Canadians are bringing money into our struggling economy and hopefully helping us to turn things around!

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Trends In American “Migration”

The “hot spots” of the South and West seem to be attracting droves of Northeast and Midwesterners, according to the most recent census. From what I gather, they’re looking for lower cost of living and warmer temperatures.

There has been a 14.3% hike in population in the South and another 13.8% in the West over the past decade, while the growth in the Midwest and Northeast was below 4%. What this means is, the hottest housing markets are in places like Florida (17.6% growth), Nevada (35.1% growth, and our very own state of Arizona (24.6% growth)!

What’s the significance of this for us? Well, growth in a “down” market is always a good thing! More residents in Arizona means more dollars spent in Arizona by consumers. More homes sold in our area means that the housing market can turn around more quickly. Both things considered, and based on the information in this census, it would seem that we’re headed for better times soon!


Home Sales Are Up 3.7%! Who Do We Have To Thank?

It’s critical to a housing recovery for first-time home buyers to be purchasing homes, but they’re not the ones that boosted the sales of homes last month. So who do we have to thank for this increase? Investors! They are finding homes that are at risk of going into foreclosure and putting down cash to pick them up!

The sale of foreclosures and short sales now accounts for 40% of all sales due to these investors, and nearly 35% of those were cash purchases! The downside is, sales to first-time home buyers fell by 33%. But it’s no wonder…what first-time home buyer (normally) has the cash to outright purchase a home when they don’t have equity in any properties? And what bank is lending to first-time home buyers? It’s a vicious cycle.

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