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2nd Home Financing for Canadians in the States

A common misconception I hear from my Canadian clients is that it’s hard or impossible for them to obtain financing for their second homes in the states.  I am here to put that to rest!  Yes, financing for Canadians in the states was close to unattainable in the past, but our good friend Meggen Roberts over at M&I-BMO Harris has a great product for our friends north of the border.  Unlike the average mortgage in Canada with terms of 10 years or less, these mortgages are 30 year mortgages with no prepayment penalty.  That means you can stretch your payments out longer to make them lower, but if you want to pay it off early, no problemo!  There are certain stipulations attached to these loans (aren’t there always?), so let’s go over the highlights. Continue reading

Attention all investment and second-home buyers! ranked Arizona #8 out of the 50 most popular places to buy!  While Fannie May changed some of their guidelines for investment property buyers, there are mortgage companies out there that allow you to finance as many as 10 properties, but there are some general guidelines that do apply.  Most of these guidelines have to do with your credit score, having no bankruptcies in your history and having to put down 25% on the property.

The good news is, there are options out there for those of you that are investors, so check into some of these options and buy while the prices are still low!  And what better place to buy than Arizona?

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Buying Winter homes in Arizona for Canadian's

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