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North Dakotans Take Oil Money and Buy Homes in Arizona

With the oil boom in North Dakota in full swing we are seeing more and more people from that state buying homes down here in Arizona.  And why not?  This time of year in North Dakota you are lucky to get temperatures in the positive single digits.  Today I went on a refreshing 8 mile bike ride in shorts and a tshirt, and my kids are at the park in their flipflops playing with the dog.

That’s, obviously, not the only reason.  Real estate prices in North Dakota are peaking right now with oil companies buying up everything in sight.  While pricing in the Valley of the Sun continues to scrape the bottom.  In a recent USA Today article they had this to say:

The weather and bargain prices are drawing many more North Dakotans now because small towns are overrun with oilfield workers sleeping in cars, motels or “man camps,” compounds of modular, temporary housing for predominantly male oil workers.

What I say is, welcome!  Get out of the cold for a while and come down here to bask in the sunshine.  With median home prices down 55% from their peak, there is no better time to buy that second home in Arizona.  Bring that oil money, buy an affordable home, play some golf and have a blast!  All you need to do to take advantage of this great opportunity is call Patrick Jorgensen today.  I’ll help you find that perfect vacation home.  By the way…  That’s my backyard in January…

Phoenix Luxury Condos a Great Way to Spend the Winter!

Upscale condo projects in desirable locations throughout Phoenix epitomized the housing boom here.  They were also the most visible reminders of the crash.  In 2006 the Arizona Republic showed that there were 8,000 new condo units planned for the valley.  Only half of those were built!  Fast forward 5 years…

Several of the high-rise towers and other luxury-condo projects are filling up with buyers.

- Almost 90 percent of the 146 condominiums at One Lexington, a converted 1974 bank building on Phoenix’s Central Avenue, have sold.  Only 14 of the condos were sold before the project’s previous developer filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

- In central Scottsdale, more than 20 condos out of 50 planned have sold at the once-stalled Sage project along the city’s waterfront.  The Safari development, which is on the grounds of the once famous Safari resort, is also filling up. Continue reading

Looking for a Beautiful Home in Chandler, AZ?

Look no further!  This is a truly shameless plug for a new listing, but this is my site so neener…  I guess since this is for a good client and friend I will sell out just this once.  But only just this once!  This home is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s just shy of 3000 square feet with 5 bedrooms 3.5 baths and a 3 car garage.  If you’re tired of looking at rehab homes and short sales, this house is for you!  Beautiful travertine flooring with inlays throughout, give the home that elegant touch.  Granite and stainless in the kitchen continue with the upscale feel.  Located on a corner lot in a beautiful community with easy access to the 202 freeway, you can’t go wrong.  Garage cabinets galore for plenty of storage, and a truly parklike backyard equipped with a sport court round out the package.  Click to view.

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