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What is the Process of Buying a Home in the US?

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately, from foreign buyers looking to purchase real estate in the US, about how the process works.  I guess it’s pretty easy to take for granted if you have been used to it as long as I have.  So I asked myself what I would want to know were I to purchase real estate in another country.  I started a list and, needless to say, it became daunting.  So I thought I would put together an overview of what you can expect when purchasing real estate in the US.

First:  Figure out which state you want to be in.  I know this may sound basic, but if I were to purchase in the UK I wouldn’t know Manchester from Liverpool.  If I were to purchase in Canada, I wouldn’t know the difference between Calgary and Banff (actually I do know that one).   Continue reading

Which State is Best for Your 2nd Home Purchase?

When considering where to purchase your second home, there are a few things to consider.  Are you escaping cold weather?  Hot weather?  Cold in-laws?  The majority of the people who own their 2nd home in Arizona are looking for warm weather in the winter.  Most of our winter visitors come from cold weather areas like Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New England, and the Pacific Northwest.  When winter sets in in Canada and the UK, they flock to our warm desert clime as well.  They love the dry warm weather and the recreational activities that are available in the winter months.  Now there are other states that have great weather in the winter months, but do they even hold a candle to Arizona?  Nope…

Now I understand that you can play on the beach in Miami in the winter.  And, you can water-ski in Austin in the winter (with a wet-suit).  But, did you know that you can do that and much more in Arizona? Continue reading

Is it Possible to Have a One Stop Shop For Your Real Estate Needs?

If you are pondering purchasing a second home, or vacation home, there are a lot of things to consider before you do, especially if you are buying in a different country.  Where is the best area to buy?  What are the local real estate laws and practices?  What do you do with your home when you’re not there?  What are the tax implications? And many other things.  Is it possible to have one firm handle every aspect of your real estate needs?  In short, ABSOLUTELY!

Whether you are purchasing a vacation home, relocating or looking to invest Continue reading

Buying Winter homes in Arizona for Canadian's

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