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Is This the Best Time of Year for Real Estate in Phoenix?

Yes, end of article…  Okay, I’ll go further.  Today is February 1st, 2012 (2/1/12 for those fans of a certain Canadian trio), and it will be 75 degrees and sunny today.  And, contrary to popular belief, the Phoenix area real estate market is showing signs of a boom.  While the rest of the country is freezing we’re down here in our shorts and flip-flops buying real estate.  Now, you may be saying, “Patrick the national media says real estate is still in a slump”.  Do you really want to believe some talking head in a TV studio?  Or, do you want to listen to someone who has been practicing real estate in the Phoenix market for the last 14 years?  I will tell you this, if you’re not buying in the Phoenix real estate market RIGHT NOW, you may arrive at the party too late.

Let’s take a section of the market that’s popular with second home buyers and investors. Continue reading

Which State is Best for Your 2nd Home Purchase?

When considering where to purchase your second home, there are a few things to consider.  Are you escaping cold weather?  Hot weather?  Cold in-laws?  The majority of the people who own their 2nd home in Arizona are looking for warm weather in the winter.  Most of our winter visitors come from cold weather areas like Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New England, and the Pacific Northwest.  When winter sets in in Canada and the UK, they flock to our warm desert clime as well.  They love the dry warm weather and the recreational activities that are available in the winter months.  Now there are other states that have great weather in the winter months, but do they even hold a candle to Arizona?  Nope…

Now I understand that you can play on the beach in Miami in the winter.  And, you can water-ski in Austin in the winter (with a wet-suit).  But, did you know that you can do that and much more in Arizona? Continue reading

Spotlight Community! Scottsdale Ranch

Scottsdale Ranch is a master-planned community that sits on 1,119 acres on the eastern edge of Scottsdale.  The land was originally the easternmost piece of McCormick Ranch, but was split off and sold in the late seventies.  Scottsdale Ranch was developed in 1984 jointly by Markland Properties, Inc. and Costain Arizona, Inc. and has since become a premier and progressive community promoting unique lifestyle options.  The Ranch consists of 3,938 residences ranging from condos and townhouses to medium density single family, all the way up to palatial estates on acre lots.  The “jewel” of the community is 42 acre Lake Serena which was jointly developed by Scottsdale Ranch, the City of Scottsdale, Maricopa County and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Why the Army Corps of Engineers you ask?  Well… Continue reading

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