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Phoenix Luxury Condos a Great Way to Spend the Winter!

Upscale condo projects in desirable locations throughout Phoenix epitomized the housing boom here.  They were also the most visible reminders of the crash.  In 2006 the Arizona Republic showed that there were 8,000 new condo units planned for the valley.  Only half of those were built!  Fast forward 5 years…

Several of the high-rise towers and other luxury-condo projects are filling up with buyers.

- Almost 90 percent of the 146 condominiums at One Lexington, a converted 1974 bank building on Phoenix’s Central Avenue, have sold.  Only 14 of the condos were sold before the project’s previous developer filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

- In central Scottsdale, more than 20 condos out of 50 planned have sold at the once-stalled Sage project along the city’s waterfront.  The Safari development, which is on the grounds of the once famous Safari resort, is also filling up. Continue reading

Which State is Best for Your 2nd Home Purchase?

When considering where to purchase your second home, there are a few things to consider.  Are you escaping cold weather?  Hot weather?  Cold in-laws?  The majority of the people who own their 2nd home in Arizona are looking for warm weather in the winter.  Most of our winter visitors come from cold weather areas like Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New England, and the Pacific Northwest.  When winter sets in in Canada and the UK, they flock to our warm desert clime as well.  They love the dry warm weather and the recreational activities that are available in the winter months.  Now there are other states that have great weather in the winter months, but do they even hold a candle to Arizona?  Nope…

Now I understand that you can play on the beach in Miami in the winter.  And, you can water-ski in Austin in the winter (with a wet-suit).  But, did you know that you can do that and much more in Arizona? Continue reading

U.K. Residents Buying Real Estate in Arizona

Two hundred and thirty five years ago we had issues with the British, actually we were still British at the time (did we have issues with ourselves?).  Today it’s obviously a different story.  With The Open Championship going on right now, it got me thinking about all things British…  The Beatles, the Stones, the Royal Family, Top Gear, Piccadilly Square, bobbies, beefeaters (mmm gin), bangers and mash, fish and chips… AND, Bob’s your uncle.  But, seriously, this is supposed to be about real estate.

Over the past few years we have seen an influx of international buyers in the real estate market here in Phoenix, AZ.  And, a lot of them are coming from the U.K.  Why not?  The weather is fantastic (I saw the forecast for The Open this weekend), the people are great, there is no language barrier (yes we too speak English), and pricing is better than it has been this century.  Let’s compare: median home price in the U.K. is 218,896 pounds according to Zoopla (that’s $352,422 U.S.).  The median home price in Phoenix, AZ is $110,500 (68,545 pounds).  You can get three times the house for your money in Arizona!

Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on the different ramifications of U.K. citizens owning real estate in Arizona.  We will get into the details, the fun, the not so fun and so on.  So, stay tuned!  And if you have any great British slang that I can use for future articles, drop me a line.


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