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Phoenix Luxury Condos a Great Way to Spend the Winter!

Upscale condo projects in desirable locations throughout Phoenix epitomized the housing boom here.  They were also the most visible reminders of the crash.  In 2006 the Arizona Republic showed that there were 8,000 new condo units planned for the valley.  Only half of those were built!  Fast forward 5 years…

Several of the high-rise towers and other luxury-condo projects are filling up with buyers.

- Almost 90 percent of the 146 condominiums at One Lexington, a converted 1974 bank building on Phoenix’s Central Avenue, have sold.  Only 14 of the condos were sold before the project’s previous developer filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

- In central Scottsdale, more than 20 condos out of 50 planned have sold at the once-stalled Sage project along the city’s waterfront.  The Safari development, which is on the grounds of the once famous Safari resort, is also filling up. Continue reading

Phoenix Real Estate Market Report July 2011

I know, I know, It’s late August and I haven’t posted the numbers from July yet.  What can I say?  It’s been a busy month!  I went to bed on July 31st and woke up this morning wondering where the month went.  Has that ever happened to you?  But now, the kids are back in school, summer’s coming to an end, the AC isn’t working quite as hard, the dog is passed out on the tile, and it’s time to get to business!

On the surface, the numbers from July 2011 can look a little disheartening after the record June we had.  But, when you look at the year over year numbers they perk up a bit.  Total single family home sales in July were 7,242 (June 9,547) according to the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLesS).  That’s a 24% decrease!  Scaaaarrryyyy!  Not really folks. Continue reading

Snowbird Season is Just Around the Corner!

Everybody has their favorite time of year.  For some it’s summer.  For some winter.  For others it’s a certain holiday (my wife’s favorite is Halloween for some reason).  For me it’s Snowbird Season!  Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s 110 degrees outside, what are you doing thinking about Snowbird Season?  The kids are back in school.  Football season is starting (thank god).  The pennant races are heating up in baseball (go D’backs!).   I don’t know what it is but at this time of year, for the past 13 years of my career, I start preparing for our winter visitors.  All those people itching to get out of the cold and enjoy our wonderful Phoenix winters are on their way, and they need a place to stay.

Now, perhaps more than ever, is the best time to buy that second home in sunny Arizona!  Prices are at 20th century levels and mortgage rates are at historic lows.  According to Zillow, the median home price in the Phoenix area was $98,900 in June of this year.  With a 10% down payment you can have a mortgage payment on your vacation home of less than $600! Continue reading

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