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North Dakotans Take Oil Money and Buy Homes in Arizona

With the oil boom in North Dakota in full swing we are seeing more and more people from that state buying homes down here in Arizona.  And why not?  This time of year in North Dakota you are lucky to get temperatures in the positive single digits.  Today I went on a refreshing 8 mile bike ride in shorts and a tshirt, and my kids are at the park in their flipflops playing with the dog.

That’s, obviously, not the only reason.  Real estate prices in North Dakota are peaking right now with oil companies buying up everything in sight.  While pricing in the Valley of the Sun continues to scrape the bottom.  In a recent USA Today article they had this to say:

The weather and bargain prices are drawing many more North Dakotans now because small towns are overrun with oilfield workers sleeping in cars, motels or “man camps,” compounds of modular, temporary housing for predominantly male oil workers.

What I say is, welcome!  Get out of the cold for a while and come down here to bask in the sunshine.  With median home prices down 55% from their peak, there is no better time to buy that second home in Arizona.  Bring that oil money, buy an affordable home, play some golf and have a blast!  All you need to do to take advantage of this great opportunity is call Patrick Jorgensen today.  I’ll help you find that perfect vacation home.  By the way…  That’s my backyard in January…

Welcome to Your Second Home!

Around the country today most people are hunkering down for winter.  In Phoenix, Arizona we are enjoying a fantastic autumn.  It was 70 degrees today at my house in Anthem, AZ and we were in jeans and long sleeves.  We tend to get chilly when it drops below 80.  There is truly no better place to purchase a vacation home if you are from the cold weather climates.  But how do you do it?  How do you go about buying a second home?  Do you have to pay cash?  Is there financing for a second home?  Is there someone who can help me buy a second home long distance? Let me answer those questions…  No, Yes and Yes.

When you are looking for that perfect vacation home, Continue reading

Wine Country in Arizona? You Better Believe It!

All across the world Arizona is known for the Grand Canyon, saguaro cactus, great winter weather, retirement communities, deserts, golf, and… wine?  Yep!  Arizona produces wine!  Don’t you just love that?  Next time you leave your cold weather for the Valley of the Sun, you can tell your friends you are spending the winter in wine country.  You may be asking yourself if I have been partaking of that particular beverage.  Not until the article is over!  The powers that be (wife) would not appreciate it.  So, you have decided to buy your winter home in Arizona.  What do you do while you are here?  Let’s go on a wine tour!  First, a little history lesson…

Way back in the 1700′s (cue historical music) the Spanish missionaries were planting wine in Arizona and New Mexico.  Those friars knew how to party. Continue reading

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